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Our Favorites

Sweater Denver Grey

IDR 449.900

Kemeja Lengan Panjang Dazzle Green Army Outer

IDR 589.900

Kemeja Lengan Panjang Moonight Brown Navy

IDR 529.900

T-Shirt Lengan Pendek Higgs Dark Green Regular

IDR 249.900

T-Shirt Lengan Pendek Wolfer Offwhite Oversize

IDR 259.900

T-Shirt Lengan Pendek Zarco Navy

IDR 249.900

T-Shirt Lengan Pendek Boxbit Black Slimfit Tee

IDR 249.900

T-Shirt Lengan Pendek Denzel 2.0 Mustard

IDR 249.900
30% OFF

Kemeja Lengan Panjang Ottoman Dark Grey

IDR 499.900 IDR 349.930

T-Shirt Lengan Pendek Fluxe Offwhite

IDR 249.900

T-Shirt Lengan Pendek Frosty Grey

IDR 249.900

Kemeja Lengan Panjang Lava Basic Army

IDR 499.900

Celana Panjang Carpenter Army

IDR 479.900

Celana Panjang Carpenter Dark Grey

IDR 479.900

Jeans Skinny I 6 Series Black Grey

IDR 799.900

Jeans Slimfit I5 Series Light Blue

IDR 799.900

Jeans Skinny I4 Series Dark Blue

IDR 799.900

Jeans Slimfit I1 Series Dark Blue

IDR 699.900

Jeans Slimfit I2 Series Medium Blue

IDR 799.900

Jeans Slimfit I3 Series Dark Blue

IDR 799.900

Celana Chinos H7 Series Twig Online

IDR 350.000

Celana Chinos H7 Series Abu Tua Online

IDR 350.000

Celana Chinos H7 Series Ash Grey Online

IDR 350.000
30% OFF

Jeans Slimfit H5 Series Medium Blue Handmade

IDR 699.900 IDR 489.930

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About Bombboogie

Bombboogie is not just another denim brand. Since 1969, bombboogie
has been manifesting the authentic design of denim.

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Shop the look

Jeans Skinny G1 Series Medium Blue

Sold Out

Kemeja Flanel Moses Black Grey

IDR 529.900
30% OFF

T-Shirt Lengan Pendek Flovel Offwhite

IDR 259.900 IDR 181.930

Suka banget sama Relaxed Fit dari bombboggie. Fitnya cakep banget.

Digital Creator

I use it for work with a combination of a long shirt and jeans it can look semi-formal, and also suitable for work.

Linzar Sa'bi Maulana
Sytling, Art & Design

Perfect weekend fits from Bombboogie






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